The JUMO dTRANS p32 pressure transmitter for applications in medical technology

The dTRANS p32 pressure transmitter from JUMO's successful dTRANS p30 series is suitable for all applications in which dry, non-corrosive and non-ionizing gases play a part. Particularly important here are applications from medical technology and laboratory technology, as well as pneumatic controls in clean rooms, glove boxes and insulators.

The crucial element of the pressure transmitter is a piezoresistive measuring cell, which, thanks to its excellent overload resistance and long-term stability, guarantees an excellent standard of safety and reliability.

A vast choice of measuring ranges from 40 mbar to 600 mbar relative pressure and at electrical outputs, as well as numerous process connections, ensures that there is a wide selection of models available to satisfy every application with a relevant specification.

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