More than Just a Touch… - The JUMO DICON touch universal process controller with touchscreen simplifies the operation and control of processes.

Consistent controller results are required to ensure the high quality of a product. Product manufacturers make a solid choice with the DICON touch, the two-channel universal process and program controller from JUMO.

Both control channels use the tried-and-tested JUMO control algorithm with two possible optimization options to suit the relevant requirement and process. These enable a simple, highly-accurate, and time-saving startup. As a result, this process and program controller handles even multi-zone control, cascade control, or other complex/interlinked control tasks with ease. Here, the control processes can be visualized on the vibrant TFT color graphics display. The touchscreen ensures that operation is comfortable and intuitive, which in turn facilitates the startup and system management.

Thanks to its modular hardware concept, the JUMO DICON touch has a high level of flexibility that makes it suitable for the most diverse applications. Four analog universal inputs for connecting to resistance sensors, thermocouples, standard signals, and up to eight external inputs are able to record a variety of physical measured values with high precision.

The actuators can be controlled directly from the control device through different output variables in either analog or digital form. These digital outputs can be extended further via external modules. Various interfaces are available for communicating with higher-level systems. These systems include Modbus (master/slave), PROFIBUS-DP, or Ethernet with online visualization via Web server.

Speedy startup with graphic templates
To ensure secure process operation, the process controller has a password-protected user administration with individual assignment of rights for different levels or control commands. Ready-made screen templates for controllers, program generators, recording, and overview screens support the speedy startup. The project engineer can easily create an individual process screen by using the configuration software. If the optional recording function is activated, important analog and digital process values can be saved so that they are tamperproof. They can then also be displayed graphically and exported to a PC via the Ethernet interface or a USB stick.

Comprehensive tools for the controller
The comfortable and well-structured configuration software ensures that the process controller can be easily programmed, that mathematical or logical coherences can be described, and customer-specific linearizations can be created. In addition, the software contains tools for simulating external signals or control paths. These tools can also record for the duration of the startup. The user can transfer the configuration data with a standard USB cable, a USB memory stick, or a fieldbus interface.

The all-in-one device is rounded off by a comprehensive alarm and limit value concept as well as flexible binary signal management. These features also fulfill the requirements of cUL, GL, and DIN EN14597.

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