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JUMO Chosen as Finalist for the "Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Businesses"

Fulda-based JUMO GmbH & Co. KG has been selected as a finalist for the "Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Businesses 2015" ("Großer Preis des Mittelstandes"). For 21 years, the Oskar Patzelt Foundation in Leipzig, Germany has awarded this medium-sized business prize across the country in twelve competition regions to acknowledge "outstanding performance of medium-sized businesses". In the competition region of Hesse, Germany where a total of 302 companies were nominated in 2015, JUMO was selected as a finalist along with four other companies. This year 5,009 businesses across Germany were nominated for the prize.

The recognition was a cause for celebration at JUMO headquarters in Fulda. "This is a great honor and also a huge surprise," says executive JUMO shareholder Bernhard Juchheim. The award is above all a merit to the 2,200 JUMO employees around the globe, whose daily hard work has ensured that the company has flourished over the years.

Michael Juchheim, who manages the company as an executive shareholder alongside his father, sees the honor as recognition of the company's business strategy: "At the Fulda site we are developing high-tech products that are successful around the world. At the same time we are continually accessing new growth markets." With plans for a new plant with 600 employees to be established in Fulda within the next few years, the foundations have been laid for the corporate group's future growth.

In addition to the overall development of the company, other criteria for the award include the creation and safeguarding of jobs and trainee positions as well as innovative strength. Regional involvement, service, customer focus, and marketing strategy are also taken into consideration. According to a study by the company "isw Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Beratung und Dienstleistung mbH", the "Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Businesses" is the most prestigious business award in Germany.

Generally three companies in each of the 12 competition regions are chosen as prize winners and a further five as finalists. Companies cannot nominate themselves for the prize. Nominations must come from such sources as a local authority or association. For JUMO, this was the Fulda Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and the administrative district of Fulda.

The JUMO corporate group, headquartered in Fulda, employs more than 2,200 people worldwide and is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of industrial sensor and automation technology. JUMO products are used around the globe in industries such as "heating and air conditioning", "food and beverage", "renewable energies", and "water and wastewater". The corporate group encompasses five branch offices in Germany, 24 subsidiaries abroad, and more than 40 agencies around the world. The company posted a turnover of 221 million euro in 2014.

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