Compact design type with the same performance saves costs

JUMO Presents New TYA 432 Series Semiconductor Contactors

JUMO presents an improved series of semiconductor contactors with a new look and compact design type that is specifically designed for use in smaller control cabinets.

For this purpose the proven JUMO TYA 432 series semiconductor contactors were updated. The 25 A variant is now available in a slim design type that is 17.5 mm wide. Additional current values are 40 A and a new 60 A version in a single-phase design. A three-phase variant with 20 A current is also included in the product range. All types are designed for nominal voltages up to AC 600 V. The nominal currents apply for an ambient temperature of 40 °C.

Contactless switching of electrical energy makes sense in many applications. Wear-free switches increase machine reliability as well as reduce maintenance and downtime costs. Their imperviousness to grease and moisture, even under extreme conditions, makes them ideal for use in the food industry. But short switching cycles are also in demand in the plastics and packaging industries.

Furthermore, constant switching noises from mechanical contactors are a stress factor for people in the immediate vicinity. Semiconductor contactors do not have moving parts or contacts and therefore switch soundlessly with high switching speeds.

The heat sink includes defined nominal currents that depend on the operating temperature. As a result, finding the appropriate product for an individual application is easier.

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