Anticipating the New Phase in Life

Retirement Send-Off

The former JUMO employees were clearly looking forward to the new phase in their lives. As part of a small celebration, former employees of the corporate group were officially bid farewell by general partner Bernhard Juchheim.


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Director of human resources Alexandra Dantmann as well as workers' council members Torsten Nebenführ and Harald Kaib also paid tribute to the many years of commitment shown by their colleagues. Numerous anecdotes were exchanged over a delicious lunch at the "Lindenhof" in Fulda-Künzell.

He always meets former employees on various occasions in Fulda. It was always nice at JUMO, that's what they say to me," Bernhard Juchheim shared. The JUMO employees have become like a second family to him over the years. "Thanks to your commitment, JUMO has continued to grow. You have brought the company forward," said Juchheim. He is certainly looking forward to the next meetings.

The following JUMO employees went into retirement:

Rainer Dettler, Brigitte Schneider, Alfred Hosenfeld, Horst Reich, Klaus Teubert, Wolfgang Latsch, David Glatz, Norbert Heß, Werner Hüfner, Wolfgang Gutmann, Alwina Pazer, Carmen Mohr, Matthias Knüttel, Adelheid Garceau, Joachim Vollmer, Luigi Dámato, Matthias Hohmann, Ursula Fritz, Ursula Müller, Ute Peli-Schlitzer, Peter Kesa, Rüdiger Belz, Helmuth Kopf, Horst Damm, Karin Sippel, Stefan Henkel, Wolfgang Burkard, Christoph Schneider, Christine Stein, Carsten Breunig, Lorenz Hohmann, Kresimir Santek, Klaus Krieger, Bernhard Mihm, Richard Schmitt, Gerhard Ziegler, Wigbert Kossler, Georg Wiegand, Olga Kröcker, Elmar Müller, and Martin Herber.

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