Combining innovation and efficiency

Sensors and automation – from the plant to the cloud

As a leading system and solution provider, we are delighted to present our latest innovations for the first time at Advanced Factories 2024.
Our mission is simple:
To deliver smart, customized solutions that effortlessly connect the physical world of production with the digital universe of data and analytics.
From the sophisticated factory to cloud applications, our sensors are designed to drive efficiency, safety, and sustainability across a wide range of industries.

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Discover the future of plant growth

Application example

The integration of hydroponic techniques with effective environmental control in greenhouses leads to significantly higher yields than in open field cultivation.
JUMO offers an application where the integration of various sensors for conductivity, flow, and humidity can provide a balanced nutrient solution, which is essential for good plant growth.
We invite you to learn more about our application example at the Advanced Factories in Barcelona.

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Illustration of a hydroponic solution


Touch panel with integrated central processing unit for the automation system

JUMO variTRON 500 touch

All-rounder for achieving high control quality

The implementation of complex measurement, control, and automation solutions is now even easier with the new JUMO variTRON 500 touch. After all, a flexible connection to existing applications is easily possible due to the support of numerous fieldbus systems. The touch panel and central processing unit are located in one device and can be operated intuitively through straightforward user interfaces.

JUMO smartWARE Program

Software for editing process technology programs with JUMO variTRON

The browser-based software solution enables intuitive creation and editing of process technology programs as well as recipes with JUMO variTRON. As a result, plant manufacturers can define process steps and then link them into a program using the graphical editor. The plant user can control the program sequence via a connected web interface.

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User-friendly complete solution for industrial processes

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