From the sensor to the cloud

Clean solutions for the most demanding requirements

Precise control, effective automation, and seamless data evaluation are the most important challenges in the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology. In addition, we comply with the strictest hygiene regulations and international standards. Not an easy job for anyone involved. As a partner for innovative digital sensor and automation technologies, we are happy to support you with comprehensive systems from the sensor to the cloud, take the strain off your core business, and ensure that everything runs smoothly in your applications. Be a part of it!

Wed. Apr. 24, 2024 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
In Room 7
Speaker Marvin Karbowiak
JUMO hydroTRANS series

JUMO hydroTRANS series

Flexible indoor air and humidity technology

From measurement to evaluation in real time

Single Pair Ethernet sensors such as the JUMO hydroTRANS S20 literally bring a breath of fresh air to cleanroom technology. After all, the intelligent sensor precisely measures the temperature and humidity of the indoor air and transmits the data directly and without delay to the cloud. If the actual value deviates from the setpoint value, immediate countermeasures are possible. The evaluation is browser-based and can be carried out from any location.

More about our SPE sensors

Efficient ultra-pure water treatment

Technologies for excellent water quality

In the treatment of pharmaceutical water, nothing works without the appropriate sensor and automation solutions ─ be it in reverse osmosis or electrodeionization to remove ions, particles, and other impurities or in quality monitoring using conductivity measurement. Here, too, JUMO is the right partner for you. After all, we not only support you with 75 years of expertise in measurement and automation technology, but also with smart software, individual engineering services, and downstream services.

Solutions for ultra-pure water treatment

Solutions for ultra-pure water treatment

Our trade fair highlights

JUMO digiLine O-DO H10/H20 JUMO digiLine O-DO H10/H20 Digital optical sensors for dissolved oxygen in hygienic applications
  • Precise measurement with long-term stability
  • Flexible connection options
  • FDA-compliant materials
For trace and saturation range JUMO DSM

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Matthias Kremer

Matthias Kremer

Market Segment Manager for Water


+49 661 6003 402

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Martin Eppinger

Martin Eppinger

Market Segment Manager for Food and Beverages


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