SPS/IPC/DRIVES JUMO Shows Off New Trends and Products for Automation Technology

JUMO is presenting its flagship products this year, such as the new JUMO LOGOSCREEN nt paperless recorder for visualizing and recording process data in potentially explosive atmosphere. Integrating a web server into this instrument makes it possible to visualize the data worldwide.

The corresponding “Quad View” function provides a display in overview format of recordings of four different paperless recorders on just one PC screen. It will be presented all three days at the JUMO trade show stand.
The new JUMO tecLine LF-4P cell, based on four-pin technology, will also be on display. This technology makes it possible to cover a measuring range from about 1 µS/cm to 600 mS/cm with just one cell. Four-pin technology thus fills the gap between conductive measurement of conductivity with two-electrode cells and inductive measurement of conductivity.
Another highlight at the JUMO trade show stand will be the JUMO DELOS electronic pressure switch with display. It has various process connections, for example the EHEDG-certified JUMO PEKA process connection, impressive not just for its stainless steel housing, front-flush measurement system without seals, and brilliant LC display, but also for its multifunctional features in the hygienic process environment.

The JUMO Wtrans – the solution for wireless temperature measurement – allows the user to measure temperatures precisely even in processes where an instrument with a cable cannot be used, for example in rotating containers. A new addition to the JUMO Wtrans product range is a transmitter with M12 connection for adaptation to existing wireline Pt1000 RTD temperature probe. Also available are additional receiver versions with two analog inputs as well as two relays for a variety of monitoring tasks and optionally suitable for supply voltages of 230 V or 24 V. On the transmitter side, an operating temperature range of –30 to +260°C was implemented with a fixed protection tube. With M12 connector and remote sensor, the operating temperature range is –100 to +500°C.
Proven components and system solutions for measuring, controlling, recording, and analyzing physical and chemical variables for a wide variety of industries and applications will also be exhibited.

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